Wild Tribe

Jordyn is a Red Deer native turned yogi, surfer and climber.
After attending Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 she has taught full time for many years. She’s taught all over the world, including; Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Jordyn believes that a yoga practice should be used to enrich your life. With a therapeutic and consistent approach Jordyn has healed many injuries with this series, including a broken back, and hopes to help you heal or prevent injuries while doing the things you love!

Jordyn believes that the 26 & 2 series has incredible abilities to heal the body and free the mind. It is her foundational practice and has lead her to being able to practice Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga.

She will be teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and cannot wait to meet all of you in that space.

Belem’s journey with Yoga began back home (Mexico) about14 years ago, but it was in 2013 when she took her Teacher Training and integrated it fully into her life.

She loves howYoga unifies all different aspects of ourselves in a very profound way, allowing us to connect Body, Mind and Spirit through our breath, movement and stillness.

Belem believes Yoga is a very powerful tool to heal and get to know ourselves in a kind and mindful way. She is grateful and honoured to be able to guide others through practices that might enhance their inner connection.
Heather began practicing yoga while struggling with anxiety and searching for healing. She fell in love with her practice and completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification and her Aerial Yoga certification in 2018. In May of 2019 she completed her Rainbow Yoga kids training.

She strives to create classes that help students find peace within their own body and mind. Her passion is finding people’s inner confidence and teaching them the full realm of what they are capable of.
Sydney Rose 
I found yoga in 2011 when I was looking for a way to combine my love for movement, happiness, and spirituality into a health and wellness based field that I could proudly stamp my name behind. My love of physical activity and bringing forward “ah-ha moments” in others was quickly fast tracked into a lifestyle and career that I max out everyday with the upmost enthusiasm, and the biggest smile on my face!! 
I did not know that I had in fact always been on my way to a community who spreads “growth mindset” like the most delicious organic raw nut butter! But, like a moth to an eternal, inextinguishable, flame, I could not escape the pull to grow towards something bigger; Transformation and Impact. 

Growing a “community-centred wellness centre” has been a faint dream that has swirled around in my head space for quite some time. Watching that dream become a reality is beyond everything I thought it could be and I am so grateful to be a part of building Wild Horse and continuing to create a world where “healthy and vital” replaces “sick and tired”.
I bring to this space enthusiasm and light hearted-ness, for I feel a deep need for both and believe a life worth living is worth smiling about.
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